Monday, January 26, 2015

I did it.






Sorry if the giant text startled you, but I think few things warrant that like me writing 3 papers totaling 67 pages and 15,797 words (not including footnotes, bibliographies, charts, or title stuff) in twelve days. Just in time for classes to start on Wednesday. Provided school isn't still canceled. The mayor of NYC ordered all cars except emergency vehicles off the street after 11:00 tonight which is a bad sign.

The rest of the day has been sleep, food, Criminal Minds, and listening to the weather people talk about how much snow we're going to get tomorrow. It's been snowing since early this morning, but nothing totally outrageous. Outside right now it looks similar to what I saw last January at Campbell. Except, ya know, way more stuff to slip on in a concrete jungle. Don't worry, I didn't leave the stoop outside my building door. Tomorrow should be far beyond anything I've ever seen.

Welcome to New York. It's been waiting for me.

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