Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring "Break" time.

The break is in quotes because my break isn't going to be much of a break.

Considering every waking moment that I've had since the semester started on January 8th has either been spent sick and in pain or working on stuff for this semester, I haven't written the 3 papers I need to to finally finally finish last semester.

So on top of the fact that anytime I head to see the family isn't exactly a restful time for me, my Spring Break is going to be spent holed up with my earphones in doing research and churning out about 40 pages of writing, 20 of which will be in French, in 9 days.

Lucky me.

That acceptance letter from NYU sure is good motivation, though.  (Did that seriously happen?!)  And at least it'll give me an excuse to block out the drama at home.

I'm not even home yet.  Mom and Mommom are at The Eagles' concert in Raleigh (so jealous!!) tonight and they're picking me up once they get out.  So I should be home around 2  am.  And yes, I will be riding home in my pajamas and slippers.  Because duh.

Here we go.

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