Monday, February 3, 2014

A Night Away

I was supposed to go get my third Botox last week, but couldn't due to the snow.

Tomorrow at 9:15 was the only appointment my doctor had open for all of February, and since it's important that I get these on a very specific schedule, we had to take it.

My sweet grandma came up and picked me up at Campbell when I got out of French class and we drove up to Durham (a little over an hour away, and where my Botox doctor is) to a hotel that is not far away from the office, making the morning much easier on us.

So I'm spending the night in a hotel.

And praying I get a long, good night sleep because I am exhausted.

The shower and towels were amazing, so here's hoping the bed is the same.

As an aside, I'm having real issues with my seizures and the people at Campbell.  If y'all could pray that everything gets sorted out so I can make it to graduation that is 3 months and 1 week away, I would really appreciate it.

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