Sunday, December 7, 2014

Because I don't have enough going on at the moment.

So you know what I learned today?

A pinched nerve on your spine can make someone with epilepsy have a seizure.

I learned that when I had a seizure (for the first time in two months) at church (surprise surprise) and woke up barely able to move my legs and feeling like my legs were on fire.

That led to another ER trip I can't afford only to be examined by an ER doctor who told me it sounds like I pinched a nerve on my spine (while sitting in a church service, hold your applause) which freaked out my brain and caused the seizure. Or something like that. They gave me a big shot of something for the inflammation and sent me home.

I spent the vast majority of the day in the recliner barely able to move, but by nighttime I was able to take a shower and the burning eased up. Needless to say, it'll take a few days for the pain to be back to normal.

My life is so much fun.

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