Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My wish is Mother Nature's command.

Isn't that nifty?

It was snowing most of the day today. The ground wasn't cold enough for it to stick, but I still got to walk outside with snowflakes falling hard all around me, which was pretty spectacular. There's something magical about snow. It'll only be even better when it sticks. 

I didn't have to go to class today, but I'm trying to do at least one thing a day that will help build my stamina back up, so randomly, I decided to ask Holly if she wanted to go out to dinner. We call it our "sister dates," which is cute if you ask me. After some searching, I found this Italian restaurant a couple subway stops away that was incredible. I scarfed down the lasagna and the raspberry crumb cheesecake I got for dessert was on another level. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert, so I eat a lot of it, so it's hard for one to blow my mind, but this one made me say "Oh my God!" as soon as I put it in my mouth.

It was a good evening.

And to boot, I got a picture of me that I actually really like. Minus the eyebrows that needed to be shaved back down clean, but I don't think you can tell that too much here. So yes, I like this picture. And I like sister dates. :)

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