Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thank you, Lord.

First things first, Gabe is going to be okay. He's STABLE. He's got at least a few more surgeries ahead of him to fix some broken bones, but all in all, he is doing better than expected. This could have been a lot worse for him, even worse than it already is, and I am just so thankful that my friend is alive. I was talking to my friend, Summer, and she said it perfectly, "Of course he would be doing better than the doctors expect, he's just a little stubborn." Ha! That is Gabe. ;) Thank you for your prayers. Please don't stop. He has a long recovery ahead of him, and his family still has a hard road of grief ahead with the loss of Gabe's sister. I still can't even begin to comprehend what they're facing right now. But he's alive, and that is a miracle.

The other thing that I am thanking God for today is that I was able to meet Keith, one of the deacons from church for coffee this afternoon (well, hot chocolate for me, but that's sort of just a generic activity that people say, "meet for coffee," you know what I mean? anyway.) I was able to share my story with him, which is always something I enjoy. And I was glad for him to get to know me better, since he is one of the church leaders. But one of the most interesting things out of the hour we spent together was that he told me that the impact I've had on City Grace in just the few months that I've been there was amazing. Sometimes I forget that God is using me even when I don't feel like I'm being used. It's sort of like how after the Christmas service on Sunday, when I thanked Ashley for bringing me a chair so I could sit while I sang, she instead thanked me for volunteering to be in the choir even though I needed a little modification. In my view, they were doing me a favor, but in her view, I was doing them one. Perspective is everything.

Today was a good day.

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