Friday, May 16, 2014

Realization of the day: I am old.

That probably isn't much of a shocker to you.

And it really isn't to me, considering I've had the body of an 80 year old since I was 16.

But I went back to my old high school today, because Bri's team is in the playoffs for her conference and they had another game.  And WHOA.  It hit me.  I am really old.

I mean, I've been back to my high school a couple times since I graduated, but not in at least 3 years, and not to that field.  And when I heard the lady taking money at admissions tell a girl that she was practically "a big sophomore" now that the year is almost over, I just sort of smirked to myself because I look at a sophomore in high school and I'm just like "you cute little baby!"  Ha.

In other news, they won 4-1.  In spite of some terrible refs.  And Bri made a great goal.  So yay all around for that.

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