Friday, May 23, 2014

Accidental Day Off

I wasn't intending to take today off from walking.

I slept in because my migraine was so bad that I really couldn't help it.  Then, Mom and I spent 5 hours in Jacksonville buying all the food and other supplies necessary for Sunday.  We got back at like 6:00, and then I spent over an hour unloading it all.

By that point, my legs were so weak and tired that they were just dragging, so there was no way I could turn right around and go out and walk.  I planned to rest up for a bit and then go out...except then thunderstorms rolled in.

So yeah.  I didn't mean to not walk today.  But it happened.  And I was still active walking all over two giant shopping centers and then going up and down the porch and into the house 30+ times to unload it.  I'm okay with it.  My calves and ankles have been burning since my walk yesterday, so I think my legs needed the rest.  I'd rather take a day off now and then than push myself to the break and risk injury that would keep me out for who knows how long.

Besides, I know I'll be back at it tomorrow.

For now, I rest.

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