Sunday, August 16, 2009


Three words pretty much sum it up.

And so have parts of today.

I was having severe pain that couldn't be managed with medicine.
I couldn't sleep, even when I was maxed out on pain killers.
I was nauseous.
I discovered a nasty rash all over my back and under my boobs that burns and feels like I have ants crawling all over me.
My second IV blew.
My blood clot hasn't changed.

Sound depressing enough yet? So the deal is that I'm going back into surgery on Tuesday and Dr. F is going to try to flush and clean out the blood clot. If he can get it to go away, then they'll put in the new shunt, and I'll be out on Wednesday. If not, they'll put in a new EBD (external brain drain) and I'm stuck here.

Prayers are so desperately needed. I so need and want to get out of this hospital. I just keep getting blindsided, like with these stupid IVs. I've been in the hospital a gazillion times before, and I've always had really good veins. It's never been hard to get an IV in, and I've certainly never needed more than one. The fact that I've needed three and this is only day six is just weird. Please pray the clot goes away at least during surgery Tuesday. I need to get on with my life. My mom is about to have to go back to work and I hate being stuck in the hospital without her. I'm tired. I'm emotionally drained. And I want to go to college before it gets so late that I have to lose this whole semester. Is that so much to ask?

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