Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on Mallory

Hey everyone, this is Jess again. I'm sorry that I haven't been over here to post. Actually, today was the first that I heard from Mallory, which is what she suspected would be the case when I talked with her on Monday. So, I apologize for causing worry.

There were complications when removing the shunt. She had a brain bleed and they were unable to put a new shunt in. Therefore, they will have to operate, once again, and she will not be able to leave for college (as originally planned) on Saturday. They are thinking she will have to be in the hospital until the middle of next week. At least that is the plan as of now. However, we all know who has the ULTIMATE plan, right?!? :)

Anyway, please continue praying for Mallory. She is in A LOT of pain right now and is very nauseous. And on top of it all, she is not happy with the fact that she can't leave for school on Saturday. Please just pray that she feel some peace and comfort knowing that she is being taken care by the best of hands ~ our Lord and Savior's.

Thank you all for your love, well wishes, and prayers.


  1. Thank you, Jess, for returning and adding an update. I feel a thousand times better having heard from Mal and seeing this update from you.

    I can only imagine how frustrated Mallory is that she will be in the hospital rather than attending school on Saturday, I know how much she anticipated and looked forward to that first day, but I am glad that they're taking good care of her, and I hope that this upcoming surgery helps her with her health issues.

    We'll be praying!!

    Will you be talking to her on a regular basis until next week?

  2. I will be thinking about Mallory while she goes through all of this. I hope everything goes well and she will be well soon! Tell her not to worry about missing school. I once had to miss the last three weeks of a semester (exams!) and I was sick to my stomach with worry, it only makes this worse. Things will work out like they should!

  3. Poor Mal! I had my shoulder surgery today - so I'm her sister in pain... Praying...