Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How odd.

I think that statement goes with a few different hospital-related matters.

How odd that I've had to have 4 different IVs in this stay, when I've never had IV problems before.

How odd that IV #4 is already bugging me.

How odd that a few hours after surgery yesterday, I was eating a freeze pop and talking like nothing had happened.

How odd that lots of different nurses have forgotten to unclamp my ventricle drain, which causes severe pain, and then gotten mad when I got frustrated about it.

How odd that one tiny little piece of blood clot is all that's keeping me from getting an internalized shunt.

Get the picture?

This is all just odd.

I feel okay, overall, despite the pain being hard to manage tonight. I had another CT scan tonight to check on that one piece of clot that's left. If it's gone, I will have the next surgery to put in the internal shunt on Friday, and I'll be out on Saturday. If not, we'll wait till Monday, and I'll be out on Tuesday.

It still seems like an eternity away.

The good news is that I got a bath and my hair handwashed and my legs shaved today. My mom rocks.

But still...I want to go home, I want to rest up, and I want to get on with my life. I want to go to college. I've never been stuck in a hospital for this long. I've never had emergency surgery. I've never had multiple surgeries for one problem so close together. This is all uncharted territory. And I'm losing energy. But I'm fighting to hang in there because, frankly, I don't have any other choice.


  1. Keep on keepin' on Mallory, College will still be there!!

  2. Praying for you. Just hang in there, I am sure you will be out of hospital and into college soon.