Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have another one of those weird topics on my mind. After talking to a new friend for almost an hour tonight, I started thinking a lot about people. People in general, mind you. Nobody specific.

I'm generally good at reading people. Don't try to lie to me because 98% of the time, I'll know. Those close to me know that I can usually read them like a book. If you're my friend, I'll be the first person to ask you if you're okay if I think you look upset. I simply care about people. (Whether that's a curse or a blessing has yet to be decided.)

See, here's the tricky thing. I don't trust people easily. Ever. Especially not anyone in my town. I have little to no faith in people because in the end, they're going to let you down. They're going to lie to you, and they're going to hurt you. I've been stabbed in the back more than anyone I know. I don't open up to people unless I truly believe in my gut that they won't hurt me.

People as a whole disappoint me. They make it their mission in life to berate, humiliate, and upset people, most of the time for no reason. They misread you, and when you try to set them straight, they won't listen. The people I went to school with stereotyped me from the age of 5 as the quiet, freakish nerd who cares about nothing but school. For years, I tried so hard to show them they were wrong. Then, a month before graduation, I realized they'll never listen. People will continue to harass you and insult you because it makes them feel good.

So it kind of makes me wonder why people depend on others so much. Well, I know why. People need the emotional comfort from others when times are tough, and no matter how many times they get hurt, they're always willing to try to make a new friend because they want to know someone cares. At least, that's how it is for me.

But here's my point. Shouldn't God be enough? Shouldn't He be enough so that we don't have to care what people think or what lies are being told about us? I know a lot of people say they don't care what anyone thinks about them, but I'll be the first to tell you that's a load of bull. Everyone cares, whether or not they're willing to admit it. Meanwhile, God is sitting there waiting for us to realize that people don't matter. He is the One who will keep us going as long as we truly trust Him.

I's easier said than done. But when we die, the people who harassed us won't matter anymore. Only God and whether or not we chose to live our lives the way He asks us to will make any difference.


  1. Not only should God be enough, but Him being enough should fill your heart with unconditional love for those who have hurt you. It is so hard to grasp because we want to hang on to the hurt. But all of the above is truley the only way to move on and have the fullness of life He wants us to have.

  2. WoW!! That was fabulously written! Excellent :)

    I truly agree with you, however, as you said, "It's easier said than done." I will continue to work on that and remember this post and what God has promised us!

    Thank you, friend, for that lovely, and encouraging, reminder.

  3. For a very long time people disappointed me too. It seems to be the people who I care about the most who let me down the most... those people who are supposed to LOVE you unconditionally, no matter WHAT... but through the past few years I have found a group of friends- you know they say that friends are the family you CHOOSE for yourself- that are closer to me than most of my family members and they have continue to lift me up in ways I cannot explain. That is not to say they will never let me down because I am sure at some point they will but maybe my expectations for them are different. I have learned though, the ONLY person in life who will NEVER let you down in your Heavenly Father... because you will even let YOURSELF down at some point. So... wrap yourself up in His big old arms and snuggle with him sigh and let all your troubles melt away. Just a few more days and you are off to college!!!! :)

  4. Brilliant post, Mal. I love it, probably one of my favorites so far, although I have another favorites too... :o)

    People are people, they will let you down, we even let ourselves down, as the previous commenter stated... that's what makes God well, uhm, GOD, and that's what makes us all imperfect human beings... human being, being human.

    While sometimes it may seem as though people in general live to make others miserable, it's not always the case, at least I don't think it is. Little by little, you will find people who genuinely care about other people, and will add to your life, rather than take away from it. Even those "good folks", though, will stumble and fall, will let you down, but sometimes, they're still worth hanging on to -- no one's perfect. We all fail at one point or another.

    I think it's one of life's biggest treasures when we find friends to stick with us and comfort us through life, through the good and the bad. It's just as important to have a friend to share excitement with, as it is to have a friend to cry with. I've been blessed with a precious handful, and I love them dearly.

    I love your wisdom, that focusing on God and depending on Him is what matters in life, what we all need. People do matter, God calls on us to love one another, but we need to love Him above all else. As for caring what others think, I think it's the degree with which we care what others think that makes a difference. You're right, deep down, we all want to be accepted and loved, that's in everyone's nature, but if we obsess about what others think more than we focus on what God thinks, things get out of balance, and problems surface. If we focus more on what God thinks than what everyone else thinks, we still care what others think, of course, but our focus is in the right place, and a healthy balance can be found.

    Wait, did any of that make sense?

    LOL... all in all, Mal, I just want you to know how proud of you I am, how much I do love you and care about you, how far you've come in the few months we've been friends, and that I look forward to watching your life unfold and bloom in the coming months and years.

    Way to celebrate your new blog with a great post!!!!