Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scared, worried, frustrated.

All words that could describe my current feelings.

Not only am I scared about the fact that I'm really leaving home next Saturday (10 days!), I got some crappy news today at lunch. My mom told me that my ENT's nurse called and said that the colleague she talked to told her not to put me on longterm steroids.

Ugh. Do these people not understand what being off steroids does? Within four days, I can't breathe. Like, at all! And being two and a half hours away from home when I finish this round of steroids is not going to be pretty! All they can say is "well, maybe the new environment will be better for you." And I say, "Well, what if it isn't?!" They're not giving me any alternatives. They're not giving me any help. Dr. G knows how sick I get every single time I go off steroids. The stupid little minor longterm side effects are worth it to keep me out of the hospital! Wouldn't you think?

All I know is this - I have an appointment with Dr. G next Wednesday. I need answers.


My mom's best friend Rachel came into town today with her 6 month old Abby Grace. :) Rachel's due with baby #2 less than two weeks before Chelsea. (She wasn't planning this one, either.) It seems the only person who isn't scared about Chelsea becoming a mother is Chelsea. Oh Lord, help us.

I love my sister, and I love that baby, but I must say I am glad I'm not going to be here to get woken up at 3 in the morning by a newborn. :)

It was super cute, though. I got to feed Abby both a bottle and some baby food. I was kind of messy with the baby food, haha. But I figure, that's what the bib is for, right? My mom kept joking that maybe Chelsea's baby will be a good source of birth control for me for the next ten or so years. I quickly replied she has nothing to worry about for at least eight years. Trust me. No way that's gonna happen!


  1. Being around babies always worked as good birth control for me, that's for sure! I love playing with them, but I'm quite content to give them back LOL.

  2. Ugh I hate steriods! Maybe being in a different environment will help you out. I know my allergies changed when I went to college. I've taken steriods for asthma and other medical issues and I know it's not fun.
    (And just fyi I found your blog somewhere on MckMama's site, so hi!)