Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I shouldn't be jealous.

Yet, I am.

Holly came home for a one-night visit because she was working on Mother's Day.

Right now, she's out with Matt.

I don't care that they're friends.

I'm upset because this happens every. single. time. she comes home.  I'm 18 years old, and it feels like they're still treating me like a kid because when they're together, they refuse to include me in anything.

Part of me wants to tell myself, "GET THE HECK OVER YOURSELF!"  And part of me is just...sad.  I'm also scared that if I say anything, I'll look selfish or like an idiot. Mom thinks I'm being stupid - big surprise there. (please note intended sarcasm)

So. Here I am. Sad. With no one to talk to.


God, help me make this feeling go away.

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