Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a vicious cycle. Vicious, I tell ya!

I'm stuck in a major vicious cycle right now. Because of the bulging discs in my back, I have to spend 95% of my time lying down. Because I'm lying down so much, my chest is filling up with crap, aggravating my asthma. Today, my asthma got so bad that my ENT had to put me on steroids, which lowers my immune system (the small one that I have) and could make me even sicker. Plus, I might have pneumonia, and if I do, they have to delay my sinus surgery by at least a month. I find out tomorrow whether or not I have it because I got another chest x-ray today. If they have to delay my sinus surgery for a month, my pre-op stuff that I got done today won't be valid, so I'll have to go through it again and I hate needles. And even if I don't have pneumonia, if I'm wheezing at all the day of surgery, they'll cancel it anyway. AGH!

The only good thing is that the steroids will help my back pain, so I can taper myself off the Hydrocodone.

To add to all this stress and pain, it's "that time of the month" which means I'm eating like a pig, which makes my mom fuss about my weight. Because the weight is making it even harder on my back. But I can't exercise because it makes my asthma flare up. (And she gets that.)

I just can't win, apparently. *sigh*

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