Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nothing Like It

I don't have a lot to say tonight. I just want to get this memory recorded so I can come back later and look at it again. Because I have a feeling I'm going to need it again.

I was talking to my friend Steven after the service today. I told him that I really liked the song he did solo during the offering ("Obsession" done by many artists, David Crowder, Jesus Culture, and others).

He said thanks and then asked me what I thought of the first song of the service, "It Is Well" by Bethel Music, also a new one for the church and one I'd never heard before.

I said I loved it, that I pulled up the lyrics on my phone as soon as it was over so I didn't forget it so I could look at it later and find it on YouTube. I said I thought I'd be listening to it again and again.

He smiled and replied, "Good, I'm glad to hear that. I picked it out just for you."

He picked it out just for me. It was enough for me to hear that he'd been praying for me all week, but to hear that he thought of me enough to think that when picking out music and then decided to make it a part of the service just because he thought I needed to hear it? I don't have words for that. It means so much.

There is nothing like moments like that to remind me that I am SO VERY LOVED. That this is God showing up because it's only by His grace that I found my City Grace family, let alone as quickly as I did, and that I have this much love and support right around me in a city that can seem so huge and overwhelming and lonely.

In case you need to hear this, too, here's the song.

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