Thursday, July 16, 2015


This week, I've been looking for anything I can consider a bright spot. I need to do it to keep myself from completely slipping into that dark hole. I was so happy to only have two seizures all of last week, and then I had five in two days this week and I got knocked off my feet again. So these bright spots, they keep me moving forward.

Hugs from my Spiegel guys.

Singing for Clayton on his birthday Tuesday, and the text he sent me in response to the post I put up on Instagram for him.

Emma getting into NYC today.

The Anima Series getting their Kickstarter fully funded. (!!!)

A good appointment with my neurologist today, with more hope than we've had in months.

Encouragement from Ashley.

Managing to stop two seizures from coming on. A big surprise.

And Jay, my sweet British love. We were talking on Facebook yesterday, and I was being honest about how I've been feeling down lately, and he wrote back "We should have a Skype date this weekend. I bet I can make you smile." I told him thank you, that that was exactly what I need, and he said "Anything for you, honey xx."

That interaction reminded me all over again of just how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. Friends who would do absolutely anything if it meant they could make my burdens easier. Friends who will say or do anything necessary to keep me from giving up when they see me slipping. Friends who are hundreds or thousands of miles away but love me and support me like there's no distance at all between us.

No matter what is going on, they are my one constant bright spot in the midst of this hard life.

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