Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Talk about a disappointment.

Well, I thought that, at the very least, I'd get to go to work today on Cinco de Mayo and be entertained by a barrage of drunk people in need of snacks, similar to what happened on St. Patrick's Day.

Instead, I went and it was another normal (see: BORING) Tuesday at work for the first several hours of my shift, until I had a seizure around 8:40, slammed my head several times into the linoleum floor behind the register, and then spent the next several hours in the ER on Dilaudid and getting a CT scan. What an overall disappointment.

The one good thing was that I had the best nurse ever. The doctor ordered a shot of Dilaudid in my arm so that I didn't have to get it IV, and the nurse instead went and put an IV in anyway so it would work faster and stronger. And I barely felt the IV going in at all. And plus he was just funny and friendly and I love nurses like that.

But seriously, I'm tired of being in pain and I'm so, so tired of seizures.

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