Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I forgot to put a title before I hit post.

Well, I got a good start on my last paper.

Not as much as I should have.

But considering I was unconscious until almost 6:00 tonight, it was enough.

My sleep schedule is all sorts of screwed up lately, but I don't mind a bit.  You know why?

It's messed up because I spend most of my late nights texting my friend David while he's on his night shifts as a nurse. (He's the one that's moving up here and I'm so excited!) Our friendship has grown so much in just a few weeks and I cannot wait for him to be up here. It's like we've been friends for years, the way we trust each other and confide in each other. He's coming up in about 4 weeks for a couple days for a health screening for his new job, and he's crashing with us, and then he's crashing with us when he moves up for good while he searches for his own place. He says I'll be sick of him by the time it's all over, but I don't foresee that happening. :) David is so grateful for us letting him stay with us and is so concerned about being a "burden" that I finally get how annoying it is when I'm like that with other people!

But seriously, I adore that guy. He's so sweet and I can't wait for some more crazy adventures with him when he's up here for good! There may or may not be a countdown set on my phone. ;)

My eyes, they hurt now, so time to sign off.

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