Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glad today's over.

Class today was, fine, I guess. It was a typical introduction to the course class and we had to do those cheesy interviews to get to know each other or whatever. Mostly the material he talked about today makes me think that this class is going to bore me with way too much reading and not enough things I'll actually be interested in, but we'll see.

And this afternoon I was supposed to go to the hospital and see a neurologist about the 4 seizures I've had in the 3.5 weeks I've been here, but NYU's health insurance rules say that I have to be seen by an on-campus doctor first to get a referral to go somewhere off campus. So I wasted an hour out of my afternoon and $20 on cab fare to be yelled at by an obnoxious woman at the hospital's business office. So that was fun.

The good news is that the student health center can fit me in tomorrow.  The bad news is that I didn't tell them I would also like to be seen about my shoulder, because I hadn't decided on that yet when I set up the appointment. I hurt it when I fell in the seizure in my room two weeks ago and figured it was just sore, but the pain never totally went away, and then it came back strong when I fell on Sunday and it hurts all the way down my shoulder blade in my back, like I've got a seriously pulled muscle or something. I hope that's just all it is. This is my left arm, and I'm left handed.

Said shoulder pain is making it very difficult to work on Anima videos, because I feel it even worse in my shoulder blade, a stabbing pain, when I'm typing. Better to slowly chip away at the list than not do it at all, I guess. As of right now, I have 15 videos left (out of 62) on the list, and I plan on getting one more done and then going to bed. Not too bad for how I've been feeling and I just got the project on the 25th.

I'm so tired. I got almost eight full hours of sleep and I'm just so out of it. Good night.

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