Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I was right!

All along, I knew it.

I was the only one who thought so, but I just had this gut feeling.

I started to doubt myself, because I'm usually wrong about this kind of stuff.

But nope. I was right.

Come March, I'm getting a nephew!

Yep, Chelsea's having a boy. She's stuck by her name choice, too. Blake Richard Jones. Richard for my dad, of course.

I'm really quite excited. I don't really know why I wanted it to be a boy so badly, but finding that out today just made me almost giddy. I really wanted to be there for the actual ultrasound, too, so that made me happy, as well. It was really cool, being the first ultrasound I'd ever been present for.

We left Duke a little after 11. My grandma and Chelsea met us at Campbell and we got there about 12:20. We ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant next to my dorm and then packed up all my stuff. (Thankfully we can leave my furniture in the room till January.) Then, we stopped by the post office to get my retainer from the mailbox that my orthodontist mailed to me two weeks ago, because I thought I'd be there! And then we headed to Chelsea's appointment. I was riding with my grandmother, and Mom and Chelsea were about 10 minutes ahead of us, because of our stop at the post office.

My grandmother swore she knew where to go to get to Chelsea's doctor because she had taken her to a previous ultrasound, and as we pulled into the parking lot, my mom called and said that they were calling Chelsea back so we needed to hurry. So I went in and talked to one of the receptionists and said, "My sister Chelsea Jones is back there for an ultrasound." She called every ultrasound room they had, and looked up at me and said, "Um...there's no one here by that name." My grandmother looked really confused, so I asked, "Is this Dr. Crist's office?" The woman laughed and was like, "Uh no. That's across the street."

As we got back in the car, Mom called again and was fussing "Where the heck are you?" I said "Mommom went to the wrong building. We're coming." My mom just laughed and hung up.

We got there in plenty of time before they actually took Chelsea into the sonogram room. All Chelsea could think about was finding out the gender. Never mind the fact that the ultrasound tech lady was doing a full anatomy exam to make sure there were no problems with the baby. Every ten seconds throughout the entire exam we heard "Can you tell the sex yet?" And then finally when she got to the end and looked to find out the gender, the baby wouldn't cooperate. Of course. It is Chelsea's kid, after all. Thankfully, Chelsea was the woman's last patient of the day, so she could take the time to try and irritate the baby into cooperating. Mommom, Mom, and I all knew that if we left that office before Chelsea found out what it was, the rest of the day was going to suck. (I guess I can't really blame her, though. Every mom looks forward to that day, if they want to know.) The poor ultrasound tech spent at least 15 minutes prodding and jiggling that baby, and finally she was just like "Let me go get a second set of eyes." So she went and got Chelsea's doctor, whose name escapes me, she picked up the little wand thing, looked at the screen for two or three seconds and said "Oh, it's a boy." :) She even managed to get a picture of the "boy parts" so Chelsea could be 100% sure.

As for the rest of the exam, the only issue was that they could only see 2 vessels in the cord, so Chelsea has to go to some high-risk OB specialist. The doctor said that because she's only 20 weeks, they just might not be able to see the third vessel yet, or even if there's only really 2 vessels there, there's like a 1% chance that something else might be wrong, and that this is a fairly common thing that doesn't necessarily mean bad news. But they send all the patients in this situation to the same high-risk OB doc to get a closer look. So we're not really worried, but any prayers for safety for Blake would be much appreciated.

Okay, I'm exhausted. Mom woke me up about 7:30 this morning, and I haven't gotten a nap in today. So sleep is due. :)

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