Saturday, September 19, 2009

Note to self: I am terrible at pool.

The good news is that I have a friend who is as bad at it as I am who will play with me. We're learning together.

Kind of.

I've done absolutely nothing today except sleep, play on the computer, play pool with Kari (previously mentioned friend), eat, do my laundry, talk to my mom, take a nice and long and hot shower, and shave. It was lovely.

But don't you worry - this good little college student will be doing lots of schoolwork tomorrow. I just really needed a lazy day break from it all. Kind of sad that I need a break this quickly, huh? Oh well. Since I can't go home, not that I'd want to go home right now since my house is infected with swine flu, I have no choice but to give myself these breaks.

And no better time than a weekend, huh?

This place is pretty much dead on the weekends, anyway. I even told my mom that there are a lot of people who go home every weekend, so me asking to go home one weekend outside of holidays is not that big of a deal, but she doesn't buy it. Hahaha. Oh well.

Oh, and good news, when I talked to my mom today she said she's feeling a bit better than yesterday, so she thinks she's turned the corner, and Chelsea has so far avoided getting the flu from her. So yay for that and praise the Lord! I was having bad dreams last night about them getting really bad because I've heard how many people have died from it, so this was a huge relief to me. :)

It's late. I'm tired. Good night!

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  1. Hey girl. From what I understand, you only die from the Swine Flu when you were already sick with something. 2 people I know died, and one had pneumonia before getting it, and one had a respiratory infection before getting it. So it really isn't the flu by itself that kills.

    Good for you taking a break! It is a good way to stay yourself a good amount of rest! :)