Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So first, let me say, that I'm sorry I haven't updated in four days. Not only have I been really busy, I haven't really had anything interesting to say. But I'm gonna try to come up with something.

I've become addicted to playing UNO on Facebook.

When, ya know, I'm not reading or studying or going to class or doing homework or hanging out with people.


I LOVED this game when I was little and played it with my sisters and grandma a lot, so it's just fun to play it again.

If you have Facebook, go play UNO Beta. (I don't know what the Beta part is, that's just what it's called.)


Oh, and funny story, I went to the dining hall that's across campus for the first time today. There's a dining hall right next to my dorm, so I've been going there mostly, but I just decided it was time. But since it was the first time I'd been in there, I wasn't sure where stuff was and so I asked a random girl where the silverware and desserts were. As it turns out, she lives not only in my dorm but two doors down from me. We ate dinner together and talked and she seems really sweet.

Did I mention I'm making tons of new friends here? Because I am. And it's fantastic.

In fact, I met a bunch of new people tonight, too, because I went up to the second floor and played "Would You Rather" with a bunch of girls, most of whom I'd never met. It was hysterical.

I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. Plain. and. simple.

Hope you're having a wonderful night!


  1. Oh I LOVE hearing how much you love your school! That is AWESOME! And how cool is that, that you found a girl 2 doors down from you?!?! It's all starting to come together...

    I love UNO!

  2. That's great that you're loving school! We knew you would - heh.

    Uno??? I'll have to check it out. Although with Farkle & that superpoke pet game I play I don't know if I need another addiction LOL.