Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm all on my own!

My mom left for good a little less than two hours ago. Weird. I was pretty freaked at first, but I went and talked to my RA, Kayla, for a while, and she distracted me. I think I'm okay now. I think. We'll see. I'm sure I'll be okay in a couple of weeks; it's just the process of getting used to being on my own alone that's going to be hard.


Only I can get hurt the day before my first college classes. My mom and I went to the bookstore to get a book for my Western Civ class that they didn't send to me, along with a few other school supplies. As you come out of our bookstore, there's a little ledge and then the steps start.

Well, I don't know if it was because I was so physically tired today or I'm just a klutz, but I totally did not see the little ledge and severely sprained my ankle. I fell backwards, luckily did not hit my head, and started crying just as a bunch of very hot guys walked by. Of course. So after dinner my mom drove to a neighboring (there's seriously nothing in Buies Creek) and bought me an ankle brace so I can survive walking for a while.

Oh, and to add salt to the wound, as I got up off the ground and sat on a bench waiting for Campus Security to come give us a ride, I stepped in gum. In my pretty Rainbows. Of course.


So you wanna see my room? :) I went a little photo crazy, so there's quite a few, but they're of my bathroom, too, and I want you guys to get the full effect.

the best part of it all - my bed, along with my teddy bear, Helio Mark Maksim Hough. (the name is from a bunch of guys, one Season 5 contestant and three of the pros, from Dancing with the Stars)

the most comfortable recliner ever. We had to get it for in the winter when my asthma flares up and I can't lay flat.

my closets

inside the left closet

inside the right closet

storage unit, dressers, TV, microwave, fridge, and Taylor Swift poster

zoom in on TV, microwave, refrigerator

desk and door

zoom in on desk

bed again with the Jonas Brothers posters. I must have Jonas in the room. :)

the loudest, longest-flushing toilet in the history of the world! seriously.

shower. big, roomy shower. :)
Everything was picked out by my mom. I always thought she should be an interior designer because she has such an eye for that kind of stuff. And she arranged my room all by herself, literally. I can't help move furniture and the way she had gotten Holly and our friend Joe, who drove our moving truck, to help her set it up ended up not working, and they were gone by the time we realized it. She's absolutely amazing, I tell ya.
Speaking of Joe, he is the husband of my mom's best friend, Rachel, and they texted us today and told us they're having another girl. Abby Grace is going to have a little sister. :) Hannah Elizabeth. Too cute. I've had baby names on the brain ever since I found out Chelsea was pregnant. Her picked names right now are Chloe Lynn and Blake Richard. Lynn is my mom's middle name, and Richard is my dad's first name. I really like them and am very excited to find out what she is having. Five to seven weeks left. (I'm not sure when it's going to happen.) I have this weird feeling it's a boy, but we'll see.
I don't know what else to say. I'm exhausted, and my ankle is killing me, so I'm off.


  1. Hold the phone you have a private room with your OWN bathroom?!!! Girl you are living the high life! Congrats - it looks great!

  2. Great room, very organized! Must be nice after all these years at home to live in your own space and not have to share! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!