Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lucky, lucky me!

You know what's better than a severely twisted ankle?

A severely twisted ankle and a possibly torn meniscus.

You know what's better than a severely twisted ankle and a possibly torn meniscus?

A severely twisted ankle and a possibly torn meniscus on opposite legs.

Yeah. Because I can't do anything simply, a seizure that I had on Friday ended up with me twisting my right ankle and my left knee. Thankfully the ankle is only twisted, but I'm off to the sports medicine doctor tomorrow to get my knee examined further. Hopefully this doc is nicer to me than he was when he treated me for my shoulder.

In happier news, tonight I got to do something really fun. A friend of mine, Eddie, whom I met through Holly, came over to the apartment tonight and filmed me for a documentary he's making on people's experiences with dating apps. I had a couple funny stories to share, so he asked me to be a part of it. The coolest part is that he works for The Huffington Post! Look, Ma, I'm famous! (Kidding.) He's also gonna look for an actor so that we can actually act out/recreate one of my stories I tell in the video. Two words: foot fetish.

The roommate was here while we were doing this, so she took a few pictures of the setup and us filming. I want to remember this; I mean, how often does a girl get asked to do something like this?

I think it went well, too. I got kind of nervous right before we started filming, but I noticed while I was talking that Eddie was having to force himself not to bust out laughing, so apparently my storytelling skills were successful.

That hour while he was here was the one break I had today from thinking about how much pain I'm in, so I'm really thankful for that.

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