Friday, January 15, 2016

Where I Belong

Friday Friday Friday. A long and busy but awesome day.

We had to get up early because I was meeting with the Alumni director at 8:30 and Summer had class at 9. That meeting was really nice. I was only supposed to be there for 15 minutes but ended up staying there about 30. Then, she had an interview, so I left and went to Chick-Fil-A. 

I ate a little bit so that my blood sugar didn't drop, and then I pretty much took a nap until my sweet friend Nicole showed up at 11:30 for our lunch date. That sweet girl, I swear, y'all, she is one of the best people I know. She is one of the most gorgeous girls I know, but she's humble and quiet and gentle and kind to everyone. She is so good at lifting me up. Because of drama that's been going on in my life lately, she's done a lot of listening, and she knows how much it's been wearing on me. So most of that lunch was talking about that, and she was so sweet. She called me a unicorn because I'm such a "rare gem" in this world, and she encouraged me to believe that despite the mistreatment I've been dealing with from the one guy, there is someone coming in my future that will treat me the way that I deserve. She told me to believe that I am beautiful, because I am. I'm so thankful to have girlfriends at all in my life, but I'm especially lucky to have ones as wonderful as her in my life.

After she had to leave for class, I went behind D. Rich and met up with Jhuvy. I didn't get to see this brother last year when I visited, so it's been two years since we saw each other last. We caught up and reminisced and I got to tell him straight out how much he means to me, and it was just sweet to get to see him again. My goal was to see as many of my brothers as possible this trip.

Then, I went back in D. Rich again and saw Dr. Stanke again, and then I went upstairs hoping to catch Dr. Mero and found him and Dr. Thornton knee deep in some online teaching headaches. So I didn't spend much time there so as to let them focus.

After that, I went over to Dr. Steegar's office and got to catch up with him for about 45 minutes. That was awesome. Two years later, and he is still like the grandpa I never had. 

Then, I had to leave because I had a date in Starbucks at 3 with two of the "baby Camels," as I like to call them. Seth and Josh are two freshmen that I connected with via Ricky, and we all really wanted to meet each other while I was on campus. Ricky had told them both a lot about me, so they were, needless to say, very flattering, but I was just happy to get to hang out with the second generation of my brothers. We've decided that I've adopted them, just like the older boys adopted me. The family tree continues.

They left about 4, and I got Summer to come pick me up and take me back to her place. We hung out for a while just talking and listening to music and watching videos, and then she started cooking. This ANGEL of a host let me invite five of the soccer boys over for dinner because I wanted her to meet them, one in particular. She wouldn't even let me help her cook, so I sat and sang for her while she made the food. Matt, Martinez, Pepe, Tunji, and Daniel showed up about 6:15, 15 minutes after they were supposed to be there, but it was dark and rainy and they're, well, college boys. We hung out for about two and a half hours before they left because they were going out. It was good to see them in a relaxed environment outside of the kinds of places I usually see them.

After they left, Summer and I dissected the important details of the night, cleaned up the food and whatnot, and then just chilled and watched tv. I also updated a few people who I knew would want to know how it went. Because I had only had one small bowl of spaghetti and a donut at dinner, I ended up ordering us both two pizzas, garlic knots, and a brownie cookie. I was going to order it tomorrow anyway for the game.

The night ended on a calm note, which after all of that activity, was exactly what I needed. I was tired, but it was all being surrounded by my people. And that is exactly where I belong.

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