Friday, January 1, 2016

2016. Let's get it.

Happy 2016, y'all.

I'd insert some inspirational paragraph here about the beauty of making it to a new year and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for each of us, but you've heard it all before. None of us should need a new year to be the excuse for us to finally start appreciating life.

Today's just another day in Myrtle Beach. We head home tomorrow. And then I'll just be counting down until the 13th when I get to go to Campbell and see people I have been aching to see for the past year. I'm ready to get to my people and get to the feeling of home and safety I can't get anywhere else.

Until then, I mostly just plan on sleeping, writing, and watching stupid pointless television while I still can.

I have nothing else to say. Happy New Year, people.

2016? Bring it on, baby. I'm ready for the adventure.

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