Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'm tired. So tired.

What a week.

If this week is any indication, this semester is going to be even more exhausting than I expected.

Friday, I came home from work, took a 3 hour nap, and still slept 16+ hours that night. Not even kidding. I tried to wake up so many times and my body was just like NOPE.

Yesterday, when I did finally manage to drag my butt out of bed, all I did was sit in my recliner and listen to music and complete jigsaw puzzles on my phone (currently my new addiction - though I suppose that if I'm going to be addicted to something, there are plenty of things worse than this).

Today, I did go to church and ended up having a mini coffee date with a girl I'm friends with from there, and I went to the pharmacy and grocery store for two items, so at least I got out of the house, but I seriously just feel dead.

I've said from the beginning that grad school is a special world of hell because you're in college and the real world at the same time, but when I said that before, I was mostly just referring to having to pay bills and be an "adult" and all that. Well, now I REALLY mean it, because having this job/internship plus all the school stuff - a regular class with papers to write, a professional development seminar with its own assignments, and writing a thesis plus its own seminar and regular meetings outside of that - already feels like a totally overwhelming mountain to climb and it's only the first week.

108 days. Hopefully I'll make it through them with more energy than I've had this past week. Lord knows I'm going to need it.

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