Friday, October 16, 2015

Den Mother

Wednesday night, I got to FaceTime with Tunji for about 40 minutes. He was hanging out with a guy who only joined the team last year, so I'd never met him, but when I heard him speak and asked Tunji who it was, he flipped the phone around to introduce us.

Tunji told him, "This is Mal, the famous Mal. She's like the den mother to the team."

In the moment, not really thinking about the term, all I said back was a joking, "I am not old enough to be your mother!"

But later after we got off the phone, I started thinking about what he said, and I decided to look up the definition of a den mother. Here's what I found.

den mother: a woman who serves in a supportive, adviser, or protective role for a group of people

Um yep. I take it back. You can call me those boys' den mother all day any day.

So yeah. I updated my social media bios last night.

What do you think - should I start referring to them as my cubs? ;)

January cannot come quickly enough.

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