Wednesday, October 7, 2015

When online relationships come to life.

Back in March 2014 when I joined the launch team for Alyssa Bethke's new book, her publisher started a launch team for volunteers who wanted to help promote it. (Just as there was for both of Jeff's books.) The launch team was made up of lots of girls, one of whom was this lovely girl named Jamie.

Well, she and her friend Rachel are on this road trip going through all 48 states of the continental US, so I told her that when they came through NYC, they should stay with me.

They got here Monday evening and are leaving tomorrow morning, and it's been amazing. It's so so much fun to see how people you've known online for a while are really like in person, and Jamie is just the sweetest.

I took them to Spiegel not long after they got here Monday, and we just sat and ate and talked for a couple of hours, and I knew that I already loved these girls.

I also took them up to the roof (because duh, of course I did), and they loved the skyline (because duh, of course they did), and we took pictures.



This has been such a fun week. I'm so thankful I got to meet these two.

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