Friday, December 25, 2015

It's never dull with us.

Ah, Kropinack family holidays. They never disappoint.

It definitely had a weird fog over it because Mom was there but basically didn't speak, and Dusty wasn't there because he lives in SC now and is part of the Coast Guard, but other than that, it was basically just the kind of weird you would expect when you stick us crazies in a house together and stuff us full of good food.

Blake went ballistic over presents.

We heard all about my cousin Bri's soccer life. My baby cousin flies to India on Sunday as part of a soccer mission trip of sorts. Insane. I still can't believe that girl is almost 17 years old. She is so smart, generous, kind, strong, and talented. I want to be her when I grow up.

We had tons of good food made by Mom, Mommom, and Uncle Kirk.

We reminisced on crazy and silly memories.

Blake spent a solid hour walking up Mommom's stairs, throwing various toys (and one time a porcelain figure from a nativity set that was thankfully still in a box and didn't break) down the stairs, walking back down, then walking back up with it or something else to do it again.

I got clothes I needed, a couple of Wolfpack shirts to add to my collection, and cash. Which is basically all I really wanted or needed.

As crazy and stressful as things can be with this family, I do greatly appreciate it that, for the most part, we can calm things down and actually just enjoy it and each other for a change.

Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas with people you love.

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