Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ah, family.

Woo boy.

I love my grandma, and I'm glad she took me to Myrtle Beach for the week, but good gracious, sticking us in a condo where we have to do literally every single thing together is a recipe for one of us wanting to strangle the other.

It's officially the 30th, which means I have two weeks left with her, but I just have to make it until Saturday here in the condo, and if we don't drive each other completely insane by then, it will be a holiday miracle.

Things can be great with us, but they can also be really tense. Yeah, I know, family. But we both ended up crying earlier over a game of cards. CARDS. There's competitiveness, and then there's just stupid ridiculousness.

The good news is that the movies we have left to see and going to Dick's Last Resort for New Year's Eve should be good distractions from the ways we can get on each other's nerves.

People always say no one knows how to push your buttons like family, and they're right.

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