Monday, September 14, 2015

Talk about a mood lifter.

I've had a bad migraine plus bad cramps and nausea for the past few days, so I really haven't done anything but sleep.

I didn't even eat on Saturday, which probably wasn't very healthy or smart with my blood sugar issues, but even the idea of eating bread made me feel sick, so I just drank a lot of ginger ale to keep sugar in my system.

But y'all know me. I will get up no matter how awful I feel for games I love. Especially when people I love are playing them.

My soccer boys were playing in a tournament in Nashville on Friday and Sunday, and of course there was Wolfpack football on Saturday.

Friday: My boys started off 3-0 by the 49th minute, gave up 2 goals in the next 20 minutes, but managed to hold Lipscomb off until the final buzzer to win 3-2.

Saturday: The Wolfpack had a shutout against Eastern Kentucky, winning 35-0. It was ridiculous.

Our defense was ON FIRE. EKU had 11 offensive drives, and we held them to a 3-and-out on 9 of them.

They got down to the 2-yard line and we kept them from scoring! TWO YARDS! They had 112 yards of offense the entire game. It was almost comical.

Matt Dayes, our star running back, got a hat trick in the second half alone, and had a second game of 100+ rushing yards.

Benson Browne, who had never even had a catch before this year, got a second touchdown to go with his one from last week.

We had 40+ minutes of possession again; NC State has never had 40+ minutes of possession in back-to-back games since Time Of Possession started being recorded for every game, in 1981.

We got to see a bit from our secondary QB, who made an impressive escape from what was very close to being a sack.

And Jacoby, well, Jacoby did what Jacoby does. 17-for-22. It was, all in all, spectacular. I just wish I had been able to see it.

Sunday: The game was intense. It was scoreless until the 60th minute when my little brother Tunji got a beautiful shot in.

Ten minutes later, one of our freshmen scored. 2-0.

Then, in the 85th minute, Belmont got 2 free kicks in 17 seconds and scored on them both, making it 2-2.

I got a little bit nervous (I've always heard from my family that 2-0 is the most dangerous score in soccer, and I understood why in that moment)...but then just 22 seconds later, Brad Farias, who scored two of the goals on Friday, rushed back down the field and netted a third.

A game that went scoreless for 60 minutes had three goals in 39 seconds. It was crazy.

But my boys held off a very angry Belmont for the last five minutes and also pulled that out 3-2. After the way their season started off, it made me so happy to see them get these two wins this weekend.

I tell ya, I started off feeling terrible, but three games like this, they certainly do wonders for my mood. Too bad I have to wait until next weekend for more.

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