Saturday, August 8, 2015

These Four

These ones.

I got to see them and hug them for the first time since Taylor's wedding. In November 2013! This was long overdue.

They came to the city for a show. I haven't been going far from my apartment really because of all the seizures, so imagine my lovely surprise when I learned that their show would be at Rockwood, a music hall that is like two blocks from my apartment. Rockwood is not air-conditioned, so it was a risk going, but I couldn't pass up at least trying. Good thing, too, because I made it through the whole night with no problems. Yay!

I will spare you the millionth reiteration of how much I love them or how they are some of the most talented (ridiculously talented) people I know. Click on the "The Vespers" tag and you'll see that all over the history of this blog.

So I will say this: Tonight was the most fun I've had in a long time. My life felt normal, and not stressful or hard, for the first time in months. I didn't know how desperately I needed to be at this show tonight until I saw them and I couldn't stop grinning the entire night.

And talking to them afterwards, it was just the encouragement I needed. Bruno and Taylor especially were so good about lifting me up when we talked. Even after everything changing so much in the four and a half years we've known each other, I know that they still love me and still pray for me and still have my back if I need them.

I'm so thankful that I got to have this night with the four people that were the vehicle God used to get me back to Him. I owe more them than I can ever possibly repay. But they know they have my love, and for now, that's enough.

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